0xc000014c problem in booting up windows 7

My pc crash last week and reported its first problem 0xc00000e9 , then i format my drive c: afterwards and it work fined . After that day i use open up my pc agian and reported the same problem so i formatted it agian because i cant boot even in safemode and the others. then it work fine for 2 days, but this time it happened agian but reported a different problem.
take look at the image.

My speculation is my Hdd is failing me.

My specs.
IntelI5 2500k (stock fan)
Power color hd 7750
foxconn z-68as
500watts aerocool strike x.
4gb ram kingston 1333
WD 500gb.
I almost using this unit for 2 and a half yr.
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  1. Well it looks like the disk you are using to install widows may be installing a bad file to your HDD. That's just a guess from what that error is.

    However, there is a chance that its just bad formatting of the drive.

    When you said you "Formatted your drive C:" did you format while there was still files on it? or Were you reinstalling windows.

    If you were reinstalling windows, what Format option did you choose. Quick or Full?
  2. I installed a new copy of windows 7 then i formatted my drive C , i proceed now to installing. the typical thing you do when you format your PC.
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    What I recommend is that before you install windows, delete the partitions and then perform a Full Format and then create the partition, and then install windows. That way it is almost certain that there will be no corrupt data.
  4. oh is that so. thank you for the replies. there is a lot of important files in my drive d:. so i might buy a new hdd for this.
  5. That would be ideal haha. Glad I could help!
  6. nubbsauce said:
    That would be ideal haha. Glad I could help!

    Hey more news. i deleted my partition which is drive c then created and formatted it, now my system unit runs for 3days without any problem i guess :D
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