Upgrading my PC; what power supply will I need?

I'm building my first PC, and I'm unsure how much power supply wattage I need?

My rig:

Intel core I5 4570 3.2GHz Proccessor

MSI-Z87-GD65 Motherboard

Kingston 2x 4GB RAM

Geforce GT 630 graphics card

Seagate Barracuda TB Hard Drive

I'm yet to get a disc drive/ soundcard and because I'm looking to add a few extra's once I'm done and slowly upgrade, I probably want to have a little extra wattage to allow for that in the future.

Thanks :)
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    A 550w XFX is more than enough and will leave room for a better graphics card.
  2. If your going to be upgrading to a high end graphics card later on i suggest getting at least 600-650W. for your current build a 430W PSU is plenty
  3. 550 should see you right for what you listed. 650 will give you all the room for growth you need except if you want 2 Graphics cards in which case 850 is the way to go.
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