Windows Vista Computer Wont connect to the Internet

My computer wont connect to my network. I have other devices that connect to it just fine, but this computer wont can anyone help. Please help.

If you need more information about my computer just ask me and i will try to get more info.
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    Is this a new problem? is the driver installed? do you have a spare NIC around?
  2. Yes the drivers are installed. I dont know if they are updated but the card is a NVIDIA nForce Network Controller, Driver Date: 5/3/2007, Driver Version, Ok and i have another computer with a network card. It is a Windows ME (2000 Edition) upgraded to Windows XP with a network card it works so can i try to put that one in my Windows Vista Computer.
  3. Help anyone there are 60+ views someone has to know something to try please need help now.
  4. Hey everyone that has seen my post. I might have figured out the problem. My isp wasnt registered to my computer because it was set up on a laptop instead. I found out because the same thing happened with my new windows 8.1 computer but it is fixed so i will mark this as solved. Thank you again for anyone that looked at my post.
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