Does this cause positive air pressure?


I have the Zalman Z11 Plus chassi, and im thinking of modding the front intake. But I need to know if it would cause a Positive or negative air pressure. First, lets start what fans and where.

120mm rear exhaust
120mm top rear exhaust
Hyper EVO 212 CPU cooler exhaust
120mm bottom front intake
120mm bottom intake
2x 80mm on each sidepanel exhaust.

NXZT Sentry 2 LCD FANCONTROLLER, controls by voltage, so MOLEX fans are controlable.

So, my idea is to remove the lower HDD cage, so it will be free airflow from the front intake into the rig. Then my rig gets more fresh air, cuz currently, I only have one fresh intake fan, cuz The front intake is just a HDD cooler. And at last, revert the 2 side fans to intake aswell, or should I just skip that and disable them?

Oh and ah, I think mY GPU is like some sort of a "mini exhaust" aswell :p

Will this cause negative or positive air pressure? I heard negative air pressure is best to keep components cool. Regarding the dust, that isnt major thing for me. Dustfilters on all intakes.
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  1. This is neutral air pressure. You have pretty much an equal amount of intakes/exhaust.

    Positive Air Pressure is the best because you'll always have clean cool air coming into the system to take the hot air away.

    Your GPU is NOT an exhaust. If it's an aftermarket cooler (I.E. one with multiple fans or just a really odd design) then it will spew hot air INTO the case. If it's a reference cooler (vents on back of the PCI bracket, has one small fan inside the case) then it will keep its own little stable internal environment.

    Positive airpressure is having more intakes than exhaust, and it's worked for me so far. Go with it as it'll keep everything cool, especially if you have an aftermarket GPU cooler. You really should take those HDD cages out if you aren't using them.
  2. So, a positive air pressure is better than negative? People always said to me "ALWAYS have more exhausts than intakes. But ok! I will try this Positive air pressure! :)

    But if I do what I told with the HDD cage, AND make the 2x sidepanel fans as intake, then I will get a positive pressure, right? Cuz I have 2 exhaust fans

    I do not have a aftermarket GPU cooler. I have ASUS R9 280X DirectCU II+
  3. By aftermarket I meant non-reference*. Non-reference designs are the ones that do not look anything like the ones NVidia creates. EVGA makes alot of reference design cards, like the 660 and the 560.

    The Asus card spits hot air into the case, which means you will want some exaust right next to it, preferably on the side panel.

    Positive air pressure means more intakes than exhaust. You will want to make sure you have your front fans as intakes and the top fans as intakes, and the rear and side panel fans as exhausts.
  4. Wow, you made it sound so much more complicated, lol.. Im not gonna start drilling and things in my one week old chassi :p
    But the ASUS GPU fan is a exhaust if I recall right, I can even feel it. It gets air from the chassi air, blows it thru and on the heatsinks and heatpipes inside the GPU fan case, and it continues out at the rear. It cant be in another way I guess.. :p

    And my side panels isnt at line where the GPU is. Look up a picture of my chassi and ull see. If I use the sidepanel fans as exhaust, the front intake fan would be useless..
  5. Can you mount two front intake fans? If you can, do it. That'll help with positive air pressure.

    The ASUS fan is an exhaust into the case. It takes in air, and uses the fans to disperse heat away from the GPU. All in all, a non-reference design cooler will always keep the GPU cooler, but will make the rest of the components warmer.

    You shouldn't need to drill anything...
  6. Okok, i just missunderstood abit.

    Well, im done I guess..Now I have 2 front intakes (120mm bottom front, 80mm upper front), and one 120mm bottom intake, aswell as the 2x 80mm sidepanel fans is intake, tho I doubt they do much. And 2 rear exhaust fans at the rear and top rear, both 120mm. Now, this should create positive air pressure, right?
  7. Seems good, but instead I would suggest making the sidepanel fans exhaust and making 1 top fan an intake so the CPU cooler gets nice fresh air from above.
  8. What, are you sure? My knowledge regarding airflow isnt the best, but that sounds very weird.. I mean, shouldnt the airflow be as smooth as possible? And the CPU is getting fresh air from the 80mm fan located on the upper front, u know, the 5'' bays. It's taking fresh air and blowing it straight towards the CPU fan, and then the CPU fan blows it towards the rear exhaust fan and so on.

    And why should I make the sidepanel as exhaust, I dont really get that.. Have you looked on a picture of my case so u know where they are located?.. If the sidepanel fans is exhausting air, all it will do is exhaust cool, new fresh air coming from the 120mm front intake...
  9. Unlike you, I have 4 fans. I have bottom front and top intakes, and then one exhaust (which is also connected to my radiator for my H55 cooler). My setup is obviously different, so just experiment and find out which one provides the best temperatures. The one you use currently is a great way to do it.
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