5970 vs r9 270x

I have a chance to get an Ati HD 5970, or a Sapphire R9 270x 2gb. Both cost 120 dollars. Which is going to be better for games like Arma, or battlefield? A friend has a 5970 and it preforms awesome. I've seen on some websites that the 5970 has a higher pixel rate and textel rate. Even heigher than the 7990. I find that hard to believe. Thank you!
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  1. The HD 5970 is better, but the cheapest HD 5970 I can find is $460... You sure you can buy it for $120?
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    The 5970 is ancient and doesn't support mantle or any of the newly implemented technology that the 270X benefits from. However the 5970 is a stronger card but its very old which is a very strong downside , its not stronger by a margin which makes me think that the 270X is a better deal for you.
  3. I ended up getting the 5970 because it was a great deal. Got it for $120 from a friend. EBay has some good deals as well.
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