Windows 7 boots to a black screen with only the cursor moving

I noticed that one of my monitors was not working and I went and looked under device drivers and windows 7 had disabled it and said there was a problem. I uninstalled the drivers figuring when I rebooted the system that it would reinstall them. It wasn't my main video card but a second one as I use four monitors. When I rebooted the system, the main screen came up black and all I can see is the mouse cursor and can't see the login screen. I tried alt cnt del and nothing comes up on the screen. I then tried the windows key and nothing either. Then I removed both video cards and tried the on board video with is Intel 4000 and it comes up with a black screen too! I'm able to get it to work in safe mode, but am confused why this would happen when both video cards are removed and I used the on board video and the problem is still there. I thought it was a video driver for the cards, but am now confused as to what it could be. I've been using the same setup for two years with no problems. My main card is a Gigabyte GV-R667D3-1GI which is a Radeon HD 6670 1GB and the other card is a Saphire HD4670 IG DDR3. I even tried a third video card with the same results. Any ideas? I then figured I would go back to a different restore point and the newest one was 6 months old! I thought Windows made them every two week or so.

Out of ideas. 8-(
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  1. What device driver was not working? Monitors do not have drivers.

    I would create a restore point of where you are now and then try the old one from 6 months ago. If it doesn't fix it then just proceed back to the restore point you created from before.
  2. I did get the PC to come back up. I had tried a bunch of things and nothing worked until I hit the F8 key during the booting process and got the option to boot from the last known good boot. I thought what the heck and tried it and it worked!! I'm currently using the onboard intel HD 4000 video card. For the fun of it I ran a window experience test and got a 6.5 for the video. My current video card was a 6.8! Wow, only .3 slower and the video card came with the MB. Not bad.
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