What should i upgrade?

What should i upgrade and is my computer bottle necking? (For Gaming)
Cpu: Amd Fx-6100
Gpu: Amd radeon HD 6670
Motherboad: Gigabyte ga-78lmt-s2
Ram: 8gb
Hard Drive:
os:Windows 7
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    No, you are not bottlenecking. You have a very low end GPU with not a great CPU.

    If anything a new GPU is in order for sure, but the CPU may bottleneck anything over a 270 or so. The fx6300 would have been a much better CPU.
  2. That is slightly better than yours and is enough for medium gaming at 1080p in most games. It is 2 years old or more though. An r9 260x would be better. What PSU do you have? This is VERY important.
  3. That PSU is not good at all. Honestly I would replace it ASAP with a quality unit from Antec, XFX, Seasonic.
  4. LOL Yeah i can do that and my computer is kinda old and how many W should i get?
  5. 500-600 is plenty for the GPUs you are looking at.

    I recommend an XFX550. VERY good quality for the money.

    What is your budget for upgrades?
  6. i was looking to spend under $160 on a gpu and is this the psu And what make a psu good/bad?
  7. That is a good PSU.

    The Brand is all that matters for PSU. Some are quality and most are not.
  8. K tyvm for your help and just to make sure i didnt link you the wrong psu here is a pic
  9. No problem! and yeah that is the same unit. GEt that XFX and then you will be able to upgrade the GPU no problem, and the CPU as well.
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