Brand new Gpu isn't working.

I just installed my new gpu, updated it's drivers, etc. I started up dirt 3 and this really weird buzzing noise is coming through my speakers? And the game is hitting lag spikes on the loading screen. At times it was at 300 fps, at times it was only at 30-50fps?
Here's my build:
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  1. Also, it doesn't happen when i listen to music.
  2. Alright, the buzzing noise stopped. But i'm still hitting huge lag spikes.
  3. MSI R9 270

    Put your pc details into the and compare the settings they recommend and their expected fps with what your getting.
  4. I have the lowest settings chosen possible... The game was running just fine on my integrated radeon 3000, but when i installed my new gpu it won't even run the game when the race starts. IT just like drops down to 3fps? And yes i disabled the integrated graphics.
  5. Make sure your power supply connectors are pushed in properly.
  6. i7Baby said:
    Make sure your power supply connectors are pushed in properly.

    They're pushed in all the way.
  7. What voltage and clocks is it running at? per Afterburner
  8. Stock, no OC done. Nothing on voltage, power limit zero, core clock 1070, memory clock 300
  9. The memory clock is shot. Try stressing the card with Kombustor or some such. See if the memory clock comes up.
  10. Nope, it didn't go up. And the memory usage is at 150. Does this mean it's bad memory? I pulled it out of an old 9 year old gaming pc. it's 1333mhz 8gigs of ddr3. Dirt 3 was running fine before i installed my gpu?
  11. The card memory (vram) not the system memory (ram)

    You switched from integrated to pcie graphics? Your monitor plugged into the card and NOT the motherboard?
  12. Yes my hdmi cord is plugged into my graphics card with the latest drivers. I think my integrated gpu is disabled, told it should do it automatically?
  13. Anyone got some ideas? Bummed out:/
  14. Faulty graphics card. Try another card. Try your card in another pc.
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