what headset do you think will be better?

the ive seen that they have good sound quality and are worth the money.
or should I go with the
id like to know ASAP which ones are the best because id like to order them real soon.

thanks baumy
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    They're both nice, although I'd lead towards the Sades one myself. No particular reason, it just looks cooler to me.

    Thing is that in this price range you aren't really going to get anything that's better quality than anything else. That's not to say there aren't bad ones, but assuming you've looked at a few reviews and seen that it's a decent design, everything is just about personal taste. When it comes to sound, they'll all sound very similar so don't even really think about that. Think about what is going to be comfortable for you personally - I've been through a lot of headsets and the one that I settled on was one that I can wear for untold hours in a row, rather than one that sounds good. So make sure you are getting your preference of over ear or on ear and that there's some solid support out there, because headsets have a habit of breaking without warning from heavy use.

    For what it's worth the headset I eventually stuck with was actually not a gaming headset at all - It's a generic brand Skype telephone headset with only one cup. It sounds silly, but for years I'd been wearing these fairly pricey, fairly nice different headsets that I always pushed off of one ear, (so I could run music or TV through my speakers and still hear TeamSpeak) or tried balancing voice comms and other media so I could hear them both at once, because all the gamer headsets are just made like that. Finally I thought it through and bought this fifteen dollar telephone thing that is perfect for me and I've never looked back. It's comfy, it's cheap, it means I notice when my girlfriend is talking to me. It doesn't have that same kind of gamer credibility, but holy hell do I recommend really thinking through how you actually use your headset in practice, and buying something that does what you want, not what the manufacturers expect you to do.
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