Gtx 750 ti core clock help!

I recently bought an Evga Geforce gtx 750 ti, and i noticed it was running at the speed that it should. Basically i opened precision x because i was going to overclock it but i saw that my gpu core clock was only at 135mhz but here, , says it should be 1020. Any idea why it may be clocking low?
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    I would contact EVGA.
  2. I really should have thought of that one. They helped me fix the problem, thanks!
  3. Just checking.... so EVGA told you that your card idles at 135 MHz and then goes up to 1020 MHz when you game, right?
  4. Well they told me that but when tested with valley benchmark, it went to only 404mhz. So we changed some things in the nvidia control panel and now it runs fine
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