Ivy bridge-E vs Haswell

Hey guys

Im looking to refresh my machine this month and doing some research.

Right now I'm running LGA 1155 with an intel 3570K and an Asus P8Z68 Vpro mobo which has served me very well so far, no real reason to upgrade other than I will be using my old parts to build a computer for work and will use the new parts for my personal computer.

So LGA 2011 has always intrigued me but the price has always been out of my reach.

Right now I'm comparing Haswell cpu's and Ivy bridge-e cpu's and their prices seem to be pretty much dead even. Same with the mother boards.

Sooooo my question is, would there be any reason to go for a Haswell chip instead of an Ivy bridge-E chip?

I know the LGA 2011 motherboards are much more feature rich, so please tell me if I'm missing something.
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  1. The Haswell-E will be announced in September. Are you sure this month is a good time to do the update? :)

    Next month you can build something with DDR4 memory, improved processors, Sata-Express or m.2 SSDs.... Just saying...
  2. Yea I was reading up on that as well.

    But those will probably be wildly expensive when they are anounced. Especially DDR4.

    Or is there any reason to think otherwise?
  3. I think it will be in line with current prices, but I'm waiting to see... a month can't hurt.
  4. Depends what you do with the computer?

    If you need a lot of multi threaded performance, then the 6 Core Ivy-E i7s on socket 2011 are the way to go. If you want pretty much more of the same + 10% or so, then go Haswell/Devils Canyon.
  5. Sean76 said:
    I just bought the Devils Canyon 4690k few days ago with the Msi Z97 Gaming 5 deck. I replaced a 3 yr old 2500k(which ran@5.0Ghz 24-7) Z68A combo. I can tell you that my bench's are literally the same, I scored +300 points in Firestrike ,and exactly the same in Valley 1.0. with the 4690k. I tied my 2500k bench's@4.5ghz, and surpassed them@4.7ghz. It runs a lot cooler than my 2500k, all around. So if your looking to upgrade I would do the Haswell's Devil's Canyon, the Ivy Bridge (3570K)is a good cpu, but good luck finding a good overclocking deck today, the only 1 still being produced is the AsRock Z77 Extreme 4(most of them are refurbed)

    Thats interesting. Doesnt sound like its worth upgrading from my 2500k yet.
  6. Just go with a 4970k and a Z97 extreme4, if you are interested in overclocking, unless you really need 12 threads.
  7. Sean76 said:
    No I wouldn't. Unless you are need in need of some of the "bells and whistles" that the newer decks have. I added the scores above in first post

    Thats great, thanks for posting the results. Yeah theres other reasons to upgrade as you say, but raw performance doesnt seem to be one of them.
  8. Yea, I'm not really expecting much of a performance bump as far as the CPU with either route since my current setup is already plenty fast.

    The most demanding task that I give my computer is gaming, I don't really do any editing or anything like that.

    But like I said before, this upgrade won't directly be coming out of my pocket so If I can get some better hardware for free, then why the heck not.

    The biggest difference I'm seeing between the two paths are mostly motherboard/chipset related. Much better specs compared to my aging Z68 chipset. I'm especially looking forward to sata express, msata, more usb 3.0 and more pci express lanes.

    DDR4 sounds awesome but like I said before, I'm affraid they will be much more expensive than DDR3 at first, we will have to wait and see.

    To summarize, at the moment I won't see much benefit from more cores but the reason why I'm leaning towards more cores is more aimed toward future proofing. Multi threaded applications will probably be much more common in the coming 1-3 years.

    Oh and I never really do much overclocking, but I always get unlocked CPU just to keep my options open.
  9. If not overclocking, a Xeon 1231v3 would be my pick. But I am bargain shopper. I7 4770 performance for about $50 less I find appealing. :D
  10. Quick question, I read that with Haswell-E will be using LGA2011-3 socket. Does that render LGA2011 obsolete after this chip or are they backwards compatible?
  11. Most likely they will be obsolete.
  12. MooG1337 said:
    Quick question, I read that with Haswell-E will be using LGA2011-3 socket. Does that render LGA2011 obsolete after this chip or are they backwards compatible?

    Intel has actually got 3 different LGA 2011 layouts. It's as confusing as heck. But none of them are compatible, or interchangeable or anything. Intel just chose to make life as hard as possible for those wanting LGA 2011 processors and motherboards.

  13. Sean76 said:
    I wasn't impressed with anything I read about the Haswell-E's that are coming out. The only one I would consider is the 8 core(5990X). The 2011 socket deck's are nightmares as we all already know.

    I guess that is a personal thing and depends on what you currently have and what you need your next rig to do.
  14. I agree,

    after allot more reading I've decided to just stick with the LGA1150 platform instead of moving to LGA2011.

    I much prefer the Z97 chipset in comparison to the currently available X79 for the lga2011. The X99 will have similar features to the Z97 but nothing that I really need so I can't really justify the price difference.
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