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The fractal r4 case has some fan controling cables, i have no idea how to connect it, is it ok if i leave them disconnected? Also, my chasis fan is a 3 pin connector but the FM2A88X board has 4 pins on the connector for cha fan 1. I fit the 3 pin connector onto the 4 pin on the board is this ok?
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    yes and yes

    when connecting a 3 pin as long as it still slides over the gui8de on the pins it is fine.

    the forth pin is for active fan rpm control
  2. Thx very much i was eagaerly awaiting an aswer, everything is hooked up but i was scared to plug it in haha im going to plug it in now (praying hard!)
  3. the fan controller can control 3 fans so you would just plug the fans into the controller. on the front of the case there is a button with the ability to change to three separate presets for fan speed. the motherboard will do just as well except oif they are 3 pin you be able to control there speed(the motherboard needs four pin connectors to control speed)

    best of luck.

    you can also instal a ssd behind the motherboard for a stealth ssd
  4. it turned on! yay thx.

    the wires are so short though. oh wait so they dont connect to the mobo? They connect straight to fan?
  5. You connect the fan controller cables to your chassis fans cables directly. There are 3 fan controller cables for controlling up to 3 different fans,. You may have plugged your chassis fans into the motherboard, if so unplug them and mate them with your fan controller cables, connect a molex power connector from your power supply and you're done.
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