Display size does not fit Monitor Screen Fully. Please help.

as I have been seeing this problem is quite common. My LAPTOC have a monitor with a maximum resolution of 1600 * 900 and I bought a Samsung full hd monitor. When I extend the display, are clearly black edges.

  I have a Dell (Intel I7 QM 2670) Windows 7.

  The issue is that I was not to be the Catalyst Control Center. I looked in options and Intel Graphics Media (R), I tried several of the options described in this blog. For example: Maintain Display Scaling, customize ASPECT ratio, underscan (not included overscan option)

I'll have to get off drivers or what my problem is?

Hope answers the soon as possible

Thank you very much!!!
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  1. is your monitor 1920x1080p if it is then its because the orignial display size resoloution is lower than the new monitor your using
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