What should i upgrade to (im cheap)

what should i upgrade in my computer

Cpu: Amd fx 6100 (dont say shit i know the 6300 is better)
Gpu:amd radeon 6670
Ram: 8gb of DDR3
Mother board: Gigabyte Ga-78lmt-s2
hard drive: hitachi hd2721010........
psu: dont ask it is shit i know i need a new one lol (550w-600w)
os: windows 7 (is 8 worth it?)
if u need to know anything else tell me
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  1. A budget.
  2. Might keep the ram if its any good. And Windows. Nothing much else.

    Got a budget?
  3. Yeah im not looking for a god pc but i just want it to run a lilltle fast for games i was looking to upgrade the gpu to a r7 270 or a r9 any thing else should i do first (under $200)
  4. PSU of course. This is first and foremost. Then a GPU like an r9 270. after that save for an 8320.
  5. Not really. You want Antec, XFX, seasonic.
  6. It is kind of a pain, yes as all the cables are messy and you will have to completely re do the cable management.
  7. k but any dumb ass can do it right LOL (first time replacing something besides a fan in a computer lol)
  8. Uhh, it is ALOT ore in depth than a fan. Expect it to take 30-45mins for your first time. Depending on how good your cable management is it might require removing things like the HDD.
  9. Yeah lol i expected that but is there anything i should watch out for when i do it?
  10. and does it come with all the cords i need to connect the mother board, fans,hard drive.... to it
  11. No, just touch the metal case to ground yourself every few mins. Don't pull anything too hard or press too hard. the plugs (24 pin in particular) might require ALOT of force to connect. Be careful to not damage the board by pushing too hard.

    Yes it has everything you need. All PSUs come with all the cords.
  12. k tyvm for all your help :)
  13. No problem!
  14. Best answer
    Try Modular eg $78 only use the cables you need to

    Then get a good mobo eg $123

    That'll be a good start.

    Later buy an FX8350 ($190) with a CM hyper 212 evo cooler($35) and get a R9 270x or GTX 760 ($200 to $250)

    Then you'll have a good PC.
  15. im a noob and what is so bad about my mobo and how much power do you think i need to run my computer if i got a r9 or r7? will this be good enough or should i upgrade to the 650w and how much room will i have to spare? or the one you linked me
  16. The Gigabyte Ga-78lmt-s2 only has 3+1 power phases - very poor for volatge ocntrol in general and especially the cpu. So you can't overclock on it.

    It will only handle a 95W cpu and so you can't put an FX8350 on it. It doesn't have heatsinks on the vrm - so again, poor voltage control and overheating.

    For a R9 290 in your pc, you'd need 650W. For a R7 250 you'd need 380W.

    For a R9 270x or GTX760, you'd need 500W.
  17. I would recommend an 8320 vs 8350. The price difference cannot be justified when they are the same CPU. A simple .5ghz overclock gets the 8320 to an 8350 easily. They are the same exact chip after all.
  18. Tyvm guys
  19. after i get this psu

    what gpu do u think will work best with my computer r7 260x or save up for a r9 270x or anything else that wont break my bank
  20. The 260x is good but not awesome.

    I would get a 270 or something like that.
  21. R9 270X with a decent CPU is capable of running every game max settings or with AA disabled/low amounts of AA. However if you can afford an R9 270X I'd save a little more for R9 280. It's equivalent to a slightly-OC'd R9 270X but has an extra GB of GDDR5 VRAM (3GB total) which may come in handy in future (or like now so you can pack on the AA).

    There is a big difference between the R7 2xx series and an R9 270(X), let alone a R9 290X or something.
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