Gigabyte WF3 280x OC not going to default clock anymore

I have the Gigabyte Windforce 3 R9280x with a factory OC to 1100mhz.

Since yesterday ANY game i play only goes up to 1000mhz.

My PC is not struggling with anything.
- The temps are average and well below 60.
- CPU has enough ressources left,
- The RAM is only half used,
- Games load fast as usual.

So why the throttle?

The only thing i can think off is that it doesn't go to 1100 (or whatever i choose in afterburner) simply because it doesn't need to .. but still.. It went to 1100 or 1080 if i asked for it a few days ago playing the very same titles.

PS: Just ran Tomb Raider benchmark at Ultimate settings to make sure i use my card to the fullest. It didn't move .. clock is stuck at 1000mhz.

PPS: Ran the Sleeping Dogs benchmark at Extreme settings and created a afterburner log @

Hmm... some type of power saving going on or is my card broken?
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    one thing .. the r9 series is a highly power economic series ... they wont max out unless they have to .. That might be the reason
  2. you are right! I've managed to find a game that would make it go to 1100 again. Was kinda scared for a second here since i could observe this for the whole evening, but maybe it was just a coincidence. Usually it always was using the max clock. Don't know.. maybe it finally starts to work as it should.
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