is this a good gaming build I just got a job and looking to building a computer to play elder scrolls online and rome 2 total war and was wondering if it would all fit together and run efficiently
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  1. yes its good but i would get the r9 270 instead better than gtx 660 at the same price...................gtx 660 is is old model it belongs to 600 series and in 2014 year end i hope nvidia is going to launch their gtx 800 series........
  2. Good build But I'd replace that GPU with a newer R9 280 Which for 15 more dollars will give you huge performance boost !
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    I would replace that FX-6300 with an i3-4150, and I'd replace that GTX 660 with an R9 270X.
    AMD's CPUs aren't great for gaming, but their video cards are very attractively priced compared to the competition. The R9 270X is a bit faster than the GTX 660, and should be cheaper as well. Rome 2 and ESO will both run much better on an i3-4150 than the FX-6300.

    If you really like PhysX, as I do, then the GTX 660 is still a good choice, but you could probably find one cheaper if you wait for a sale. Sometimes they get down to $150, which is much more reasonable.

    You don't actually need a sound card. Motherboards have integrated audio chips, and unless you have very nice speakers, you won't notice the difference.

    You also don't need the wired network adapter. Motherboards have those built in as well. The wireless adapter is good though.

    HDD is great, power supply is good, case is good, RAM is great, DVD drive is good.
  4. Thanks, I had to pick a new case and mother board to fit the processor and video card but it has lowered the price.
    Here is my up to date list
  6. PattonPete said:
    Here is my up to date list

    That appears to be the same list...
  7. Just a heads up, the R9 270X you've picked doesn't totally match the pictures. The first picture is of the Asus ROG Matrix, but the actual card/cooler is an Asus DirectCU II. Specs are right, but the image isn't. Check the sites it links to make sure you're getting the card you want.
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