Windows 7 Custom Installation Problem

I recently built a new computer and wanted to download Windows 7 off of a USB, I successfully reach to -Installing Updates- in the download and then the computer reboots. After it reboots, it just asks me to start the installation over again.
I followed this websites instruction and method 2: step 9 is where I reach. I haven't seen the update registry settings page yet, it just sets me back to Windows 7 language and preference page. Any help would be appreciated, I've been trying for hours and hours now. Thank you.

EDIT: I dowloaded an iso file and extracted it onto a bootable usb drive, if this helps.
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    After you first install it, don't press a key to boot off the DVD...
  2. He is booting off a USB. What you need to do is remove the USB so it will not boot
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