Out of these motherboards which is the best for gaming.

Out of these three motherboards which would be the best for high end gaming. Asus Z97-A, Asus Maximus VII Ranger or Gene.

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    Motherboard does not affect gaming.(UNLESS YOU DO OVERCLOCKING)

    there is literally about 1fps difference b/w 30$ motherboard and a 300$ one

    The only thing that you get is better features.
    Like for overclocking you get voltage check points for use with multimeter.
    And much more as you spend more money.
    check if the mobo has the features you want and buy accordingly.
  2. Wait, there's 1 fps difference? I didn't know there was an fps difference at all.
  3. Asus Z97-A, Asus Maximus VII Ranger < Pick one of these 2.
  4. Asus Maximus VII Ranger is an awesome board, looks great too. but like mentioned above, motherboards mainly offer other features like sound or overclocking ability, nothing too much for gaming performance that cheaper motherboards cant do.
  5. Are you guys kidding? There is upto a 3-4 fps difference. Watch this video for more information
    Premium "Gaming" Motherboards - Are They Worth it? ATX vs ITX Z87 Test:
  6. You tube videos as a reference?
  7. I give that difference a margin of error...

    Plus, when you're buying a higher end board, you're looking to overclock in most cases.
  8. You could run an 8350 on a 760g board and it will work great until your vrms fry
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