when do I replace a UPS battery?

..or, how do I tell when its time...the UPS has a chart showing battery life used to say 100% most all the time until now. I suppose I could ask the Manufacturer...but, to me, that's kinda like asking the salesman should I buy?...
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  1. Depends on how long you want to keep using that battery. Either now, wait until its life drains down to 30%, or fully dead before buying a new one.
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    Sealed Lead-acid Accumulators - the type of batteries used in most UPS - have a shelf-life of about six years so if your batteries are past that and you want the best performance out of your UPS, new batteries would not be a bad idea.

    Otherwise, you can simply wait until your UPS complains that the batteries are dying/dead... my UPS can last 10-12 minutes on fresh batteries but on its current ones, cheap no-name ones, I have maybe three minutes to shut down my PC.
  3. Many UPS units have a self-test option. The self-test will transfer the load to the battery (for a few seconds) and monitor the discharge. If the battery discharges too much the UPS will fail the self-test. I recommend that UPS batteries be changed out every 3 years for an enterprise UPS and 5 years for a standard home unit. Obviously more often if they fail....

    What make and model UPS are we talking about?
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