With what AMD can compete with Intel in Low-Mid range CPUS?

First of all, I have a graphics card, so integrated does not matter.
I was wondering what to buy.. Intel or AMD. I only need it for office work and a home usage (No games, ok maybe League of legends sometimes).
So, i like the FM+ boards for 2 reasons = More ram supported,and higher ram speed in low-mid range. So i need some help, also, a suggestion for a CPU in range of 35-55 Euros (50-70$).
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    Having owned and tested a few of these, I will say this:

    You could spend a few extra bucks and get the 750K (trinity) or 760K (richland) Athlon, or wait for the 860K (kaveri) Athlon. These run pretty well at stock frequency (~4GHz) but really shine when overclocked to about 4.5GHz with some fast RAM, which adds to the price tag.

    You could get the unlocked Haswell Pentium, but even if you spend money on a cooler and can clock it to 4.5GHz or so, at the end of the day it's still a dual core CPU with missing instruction sets.

    This is why I recommend the i3. Yes, it costs a little bit more, but you won't need to buy an aftermarket cooler and it gets a pretty good performance increase from the hyper threading. My Haswell i3 performs as well at stock as my FM2 Athlon at 4.5GHz in most situations.
  2. The problem with fm2+ its that it mainly support amd apus (a10,a8 etc) and apus are not very good cpus, they're good because of the igpu, that is not match for intel's, and seeing that you already have a dedicated buying an apu have no use. FM2+ athlons are quad core cpus with their igpu disabled, at stock speeds they're comparable to a 1155-1156 intel pentium, that is indeed cheaper, unless you plan to overclock, the pentium g3258 is a better option, an overclocked 750k will easily outperform an g3258, but if you only will use for office work and light gaming go for the pentium.
  3. Downside to the AMD setup is poor upgrade options. For what you want your system for, though, a 750k/760k/860k would be just fine. LoL can be ran on damn near anything. Even an old Athlon II 6xx series CPU can play that well. It is also sufficient for office work. If you never plan on upgrading the CPU, go with the FM2+ Athlon. If you think you are going to want more CPU grunt during the life of this system, pick up a Haswell Pentium G. Or spend a bit more and get an i3.
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