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Hi guys , i play alot of FPS games and i enjoy streaming While i play ,,
My old pc is suffering when I stream , and a decent frame rate 150-180 drops to 35-60..
My old PC spec is :
2 x AMD 5850 crossfire
Intel i7 2600k @4,5 ghz
16Gb corsair 1866 MHz
MB Gigabyte p67h ud7 usb3
Psu corsair AX1200i psu
Corsair ssd
Samsung ssd

My new PC :

2x Nvidia 780ti sli
Intel i7 4930k
32Gb ram 2133ghz
MB asus rampage IV black edition
Psu Corsair AX 1200i
Samsung ssd
Samsung ssd

And I got a aver media live gamer hd capture card

,, my question is , is my old PC powerful enough to
Stream the quality my new PC deliver ?

What would be the best setup ? Using the new or the old PC to
Stream from
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  1. Your capture card would probably do most of the work... As for your new build, you could probably just stream off that without a huge frame drop even without the capture card.
  2. Hi calnin , and Ty for your answer :D
    I play BF 4 competitive so what I want is Mitch performance as possible, but also the stream to be very good, some might say I can't get enough :D
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