Formatting a wiped hard drive.

Recently, I salvaged a 1T sata hard drive and wiped it. Before the wipe my computer was able to read the hard drive and showed in "My Computer." After being wiped it doesn't show in "My Computer" anymore and seems to not be reading at all.
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  1. wiped? with what?
    it is in disk management?
  2. rgd1101 said:
    wiped? with what?
    it is in disk management?

    I used Darik's Boot And Nuke, DBAN.
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    check if you can see the disk on disk management and format it there.
  4. You don't actually want to Format that unit. First, you have to Create a Partition on it. THEN you can Format that Partition.

    In current Windows versions, both these steps are combined into one apparent step if you use Windows' built-in utility, Disk Management. To get there, click on Start, then RIGHT-click My Computer and choose Manage. In its left menu tree choose Disk Management.

    On the right, look in the LOWER RIGHT pane. It SCROLLS so you can see all it has. Find your 1TB unit there, and it will show Unallocated Space. RIGHT-click on that and choose to Initialize the Drive or to Create a New Simple Volume. You probably want this volume to include all the space in the unit, and most of the other default settings will be OK. Tell it to go ahead, and then find something else to do. The process (especially the Full Format) will take many hours, so be patient.

    When it is finished, back out of Disk Management and reboot so Windows can update its Registry. Then look in My Computer to see that empty disk.
  5. Thanks everyone. I got it to format and it's working and visible now.
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