need to update my BIOS but am not sure how.

i am not sure were to get the file to flash and update I have a boot
i am upgrading to a core 2 duo e8400 from a e4500.
my motherboard is a foxconn g33m. and the PC model is a inspiron 530.
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  1. The last BIOS file in the list should be the latest one:
  2. My link takes you directly to the page for the HOW to and Bios download.
  3. If its the Dell OEM board you need to get the bios update from Dell not Foxconn.
  4. not really sure if it's an OEM board, is there a way to tell?
    EDIT: i have re-installed the OS on this machine, so does that mean it's not an OEM board?
    i am not sure the BIOS screen say's "phoenix award BIOS" at the top.
  5. Does it say Dell when you are in the bios(press f2 during post).
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