80C CPU on Idle - H60 Not Working? Please help. Is it broken? Should I get a new Cooler?

Apologies, this topic has changed a bit and should be in another forum.. originally had trouble getting into my ASRock BIOS in addition to the below issue.. but I handled that much, at least.


Hiya - earlier tonight, was using my setup in HTPC mode and it shut down.. I'm assuming it overheated, because I opened my A-Tuning (ASRock tweaking software) on reboot and saw my CPU temperature running around 80C at idle, up to 95C (!).

Which is, clearly, not good.

I have push/pull fan setup, CS450M inverted to extract air, running a simple i5-4590 with EVGA GTX 750 Ti Superclocked in a Cooler Master Elite 130. Nothing earth-shattering.

Also have a Corsair H60 (supposedly) on CPU cooling duty. The push fan is attached to the CPU fan and the H60 is hooked into the 3-pin case fan.

Now, I've been playing The Witcher maxed out for a couple weeks and had no issues until today.. admittedly, I was not monitoring temperatures, but I would assume The Witcher runs hotter than an episode of Longmire running on XBMC.

I have already removed the H60, cleaned it off and reapplied thermal paste, in the event the thermal paste/mounting was to blame. No change. While I've never mounted a liquid cooler before, I'm pretty sure it's mounted correctly. Not too much paste, either.

Got into my BIOS.. the fans were all listed at default setting. I cranked them, just to see.. no real difference.

I am presently at a loss. I'm tempted to throw the stock cooler back on the i5-4590, to see if that brings the CPU temp to something a bit more reasonable (for reference, MB temperature is 26C, roughly 1C over ambient temp). I'm also open to recommendations on what might fit into a Cooler Master Elite 130 and provide good airflow, if the H60 is just DOA from Overstock.

Thanks in advance for any help.. any help at all.
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    well, feel the two tubes of the H60 - one should be running pretty hot if the CPU temp is at 80C.

    Also listen carefully if you can hear the pump of the H60 running.
  2. Heya - tubes on the H60 weren't doing squat.. I'm doubtful the pump was working at all.

    Picked up a Thermaltake 3.0 Performer late yesterday, installed it and my idle is running between 29-31C.. along with some Noctua fans (instead of the stock Thermaltakes), she's running cool and quiet.
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