Possible to Re-use External Hard Drive Enclosure?

I've had this seagate external HD hooked up to my rbpi for a couple of years. Apparently it overheated and died. (Why they make those plastic cases so impenetrable to air flow and end users is beyond me).

So I've taken the drive out of the enclosure, and inside the enclosure was... another enclosure. So my question is If I order a 3.5 WD Green drive, can I just put it in this enclosure? It would be ugly, but it would be a green drive (which I like because I don't need it to be fast) and it would have better cooling (no plastic).

I've seen generic external enclosures, and it seems like all 3.5 sata drives just pop in them and work. Is there any reason that a WD drive wouldn't pop into this Seagate enclosure? Has anyone done this before?
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    well some enclosure detects if the drive isn't their's....say seagate external then you put in a WD some won't work and others will, most of those that don't work has a software for encrypting contents on the drive like "WD MyBook" if your enclosure doesn't have those then there a good chance it will work.
  2. That makes sense. I've decided to just get another external drive complete with enclosure.

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