please help!! I want to download sony handycam TRV285E usb drivers for windows 7 32bit ultimate. please help me.

I want to download sony handycam 32bit TRV285E drivers for windows 7 32 bit ultimate. Please help me.
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    In most cases no USB drivers are needed. Just attach the camera to a USB port and you should be able to see it as a drive and download the image and movie files.

    What problem are you having? What does the computer do when you attach the camera to the USB port?

    EDIT - whoops, my mistake, that's a tape device. Hang on...
    Here's a strong suggestion to use FireWire instead:

    Per the manual ( ) , the software is only guaranteed to work with Windows versions up to XP, but you can always run it in XP mode or, as a last resort, in an XP VM. The software should have been on a CD that came with the camera, but let's look for it online. Sorry, can't find it.
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