cpu 5.5 Ghz IE

Can i overclock fx 8350 to 5.5 with Dark Rock Pro ?

I want it just to use Internet Explorer :).
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    In case this isn't a joke, which I'm sure it is, the answer is almost certainly no. Even if you use liquid nitrogen cooling, my experience with Piledriver is that, unlike with Haswell, you'll hit the voltage wall long before you hit the temperature wall. To get to 5.5 GHz, you'd have to crank to voltages way above 1.55 Volts (1.48 - 1.55 volts is usually considered the 'safe' zone by the community in terms of CPU longevity). That'd mean you'd really kill your CPU's lifespan well before you get to the point of having to worry about heat output.
  2. Hi,

    There is a person running a fx8350 at 4.8 on the amazon page,linked

    you should be able to send a message to them about performance through you amazon account.
  3. no it will overheat before getting there.
  4. chromenut said:
    overclock record for fx cpu is 8.67ghz and with vcore of 2.064v :D

    Does IE Bottleneck CPU ??
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    This is a troll thread.
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