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Hello everyone..
i earned some money so I decided to buy a good headset ..
I use them mainly for online play on playstation 4 or pc..often with friends so i use them also on skype or teamspeak chat in console...
searching on the internet I was tempted by Tritton 5.1 or the Turtle Beach px4..both around 130 €.
I tried the Tritton but they have an annoying crackle that is constantly present on the PC and even on ps4 when i connect the microphone.
reading reviews on the internet it seems like if even the turtle beach px4 got the same issue when you use the voice chat because the headset have to been connected directly with a cable to the console.
a guy recommended me to buy for the same amount of money the superlux hd681evo + and link them to a zalman zm microphone mic 1 and a MixAmp of astrogaming or DSS2 of thurtle beach ..
otherwise if I want an already complete headset to get a Sennheiser u320.
since it is quite an important purchase I wanted to hear some comments hints and tips..
important for me is to get a surround headset to use with ps4 and pc without having any crackle..
sorry if my english was not good..if something is understandable i'll try to explain it better.
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  1. the sennheiser pc360 is 160€,10259,482744,852208.html?langId=-11 and is well respected for good audio quality and good microphone quality. they are a bit light on bass but if you use the adapter cable (basically its just a 3.5x2 3pole to single 3.5mm 4 pole splitter) you can plug it into your ps3 controller and use it like any other console headset. certainly a good choice.

    the sennheiser hd558 is 150€,10259,450727,233487.html?langId=-11 and is well respected as a headphone for gaming. it has a bit more bass then the above pc360 as well as its more expensive cousin the hd598 but less of a soundstage. you would need to buy a microphone for these however you can attach a "modmic" or if you click "headphones" in my signature you can do the "how to add a microphone to any headphone" tutorial to use any noise cancelling boom mic on them. they are not virtual surround so either your motherboard or soundcard would need to support that. if you dont have support then even the xonar dg ($30 usd card, not sure what it goes for in € on the european market) will add the option however its about the same quality level as onboard sound.

    this thread is similar to your own and you may want to read it...

    if you want *cheap* then the siberia v2 full size are very well respected. the gamecom 780 is also respected for build quality and sound quality however a few people note software issues so you may want to research it further.


    i'm not sure why that other guy recommended a cheap pair of headphones with the rather expensive astro mixamp an a cheap clip on zalman microphone. at least here in the usa such a setup would cost $170-180 which is pretty easy to beat.

    -while for the price ($40usd) it seems to be fairly decent in terms of value for your total budget that would be spent on everything you could do better.

    -the astro mixamp is both an external digital analog converter and amplifier which supports virtual surround. its also rather expensive for doing this as well and normally goes for $100-140usd. you can get cheap soundcards for $30 which will do the same thing (but which dont have as good quality) or decent soundcards for $80 which will do better than the mixamp for cheaper. the mixamp only makes sense if you are gaming on a laptop where you wouldnt have the option of a soundcard.

    -the zalman clip on microphone is also well known for picking up every single background noise in your room. while it certainly works it has a great many flaws which make it less than ideal.


    personally i do like using studio headphones over headsets so i definitely see where he was going with his recommendation and agree with what he is saying but not the products he recommends.

    $100 headphones with a $60 soundcard and $20 microphone (in $usd) would be about equivalent in cost and is a better matchup.

    if you have a decent motherboard, such as the high end ones from MSI they have built in SBX virtual surround and decent amps which will power headphones so you wouldnt even need a soundcard if you did not want one and could spend more on headphones.


    just a few opinions...
  2. first of all thanks for your help.
    most of your solutions would be perfect but if i understood everything well i can't do it like this because i want to use the headset with surround even on my ps4...
    i guess it's because of this that he suggested me a turtle beach dss2
  3. if you have a 3.5mm headphone or headset and want to get virtual surround then there really is no choice except also using something like the dss2.

    basically what it is doing is taking the optical signal in 5.1 via optical and then converting this to dolby headphone and then playing it over your stereo headphones. this is because the ps3 is not capable of rendering virtual surround on its own.

    however... the question is if you really need virtual surround support. there are many gamers who use open headphones without virtual surround and who find positioning to be perfectly fine without. i'm not sure if you are one of those individuals or if you absolutely must have it on the ps4.

    of note however, if you do get the css2 you could use it on your pc as well provided you have optical output and if your onboard audio supports more than 2 channels on its optical output.


    my suggestions on actual headphones however still stand however will definitely be over budget. it might be worthwhile to stretch but i cannot answer that question for you as it will be you who has to decide if it is that important to you.


    you can most certainly go with the u320 from sennheiser. it is going to be similar to the pc320 which while not at the level of the pc360 is still not a bad headset. since it is usb and claims to work with both ps4 and pc it likely is going to be much less hassle.

    of course you could also go with any other ps4/pc headset which connects over usb and completely avoid 3.5mm if you so wish. however many gaming headsets such as the ones from turtlebeach or tritton have rather big flaws


    your choice on what route you want to go..
  4. so you think i should for sure not get any turtle beach or tritton...other ones like sennheiser are much better...correct me if i understood wrong.

    my pc got the optical output.

    if i already get the dss2 for 70e i got 70€ left..not 1€ more. i would have 70e left to get a good headphone to connect with. 60e if i have to buy a microphone like the zalman

    i found the seenheiser u320 between 70 and 100euros and the
    seenheiser pc360 fo exactly 139euros.

    what is for you in the end the best solution if we make a range?
    1) -> best choise sennheiser pc360
    2) sennheiser u320
    3) headphone + zalman mic + dss2
    4) Logitech G930
    5) -> worste turtle beach px510 xp410 px21 px4, etc.. or tritton 5.1 or 720

    important for me is to have a good sound with a good surround. idc about mic quality..
  5. im getting to much stress with this headset.
    so. in the end...which is the best one?
    as far as i understood reading around in the internet

    tritton sucks
    turtle beach px4 px5 px22 seems to be very bad
    logitech g930 are not so good
    playstation gold are cheat with an unreadeble microphone

    so now..the others i read about...which is best for pc and ps4 gaming with surround and great sound?
    Turtle beach px51 for 125€
    turtle beach xp500 for 135€
    Sennheiser pc360 for 65€
    Sennheiser u320 for 104€

    or i could build my headset up with
    zalman mic 10€ + turtle beach dss2 50€-70€ (mixamp would be better but i cant find it in italy)
    this would mean i got something like 80€ for headphones. i could spend a bit more for everthing if it's really worth.
    but let's say i spend 80€. which headphones?
    the superlux hd681evo the guy suggested me cost about 40€.. are they the best ones or can i get better for 80€?
  6. Best answer
    1) -> best choise sennheiser pc360would be stereo only on the ps4 so this is a no go. too expensive to pair it with the dss2.
    2) sennheiser u320 just checked and these actually arent surround sound
    3) headphone + zalman mic + dss2... most of the money is spent here on the dac (70+) vs the headphones (40) so i'm not so sure how good the headphones will be. they seem to get decent reviews for their price range though. the microphone is going to be fairly bad but you seem to not care as much about that. this will however give you surround sound on the ps4.
    4) Logitech G930. surround sound only works on pc not ps4
    5) -> worste turtle beach px510 xp410 px21 px4, etc.. or tritton 5.1 or 72 while you could get a headset from them... they are only average quality and you can do better.

    many of the other products such as the pc360 or the cheaper pc333d and other sennheiser labeled 5.1/7.1 will give you surround sound on pc (when using a mini usb sound card i believe) however not when you use the ps4 (the sound card will not work since it needs windows drivers).

    my own suggestion if you absolutely needed surround sound would be to perhaps get something now which works for pc in surround sound and to just hobble along for a bit with stereo on the ps4 until you can throw an extra 20e at it (if going with a 100e set like the pc333d) to get something like the dss2. or perhaps you can find something which acts like the dss2 but is cheaper on the list in the link. i'm not sure if there is something a bit cheaper.

    however, you stated that that isnt an option for you so i'm not sure what to tell you.
  7. ty very much for your help..i appreaciated it
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