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I'm completely new in the world of overclocking, customised rigs and even PCs in general (I've been a Mac user for the past 6 years). As such, I was hoping that someone could answer a simple question I have about a custom PC I will be ordering online.

The computer I've built over at will have both a pre-overclocked 4.4ghz i7 4790k processor and an Asus z87 Pro motherboard. I intend to use the computer to dual-boot both Windows 8 and OSX and hence I presume I won't need to flash the BIOS as the z87 will come pre-configured to work with the Haswell processors and without an MSR lock. However, what I'm concerned about is whether or not ANY change to the BIOS will reset my 4.4ghz overclock. In order to boot from the flash drive that will contain the OSX installer, I may have to enable CSM mode in my BIOS so that I can change the boot disk. Will this minor change to the Asus BIOS reset my overclock, or would I actually have to tweak the overclock settings in the BIOS to cause any such damage?

Thanks a lot!
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  1. Maybe you should think about running a VM inside of windows
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    Overclock settings exist in the bios.
    I might suggest that you document all the OC settings you see in the bios so that you can recover them if you do a bios update. Some motherboards have the provision to save different bios profiles.
    A bios update will revert to default settings.
    Only update the bios if it fixes a problem that is impacting you.
    A failed bios update can brick your motherboard.
    Just changing settings should not be a problem.
  3. First, 4.4 GHz on an i7 4790K CPU is not an OC. The i7 4790K does 4.4 GHz as a "Turbo Boost" speed as long as it is enabled in the BIOS.

    Next, why are you getting the older Z87 mobo with a new, Devils Canyon CPU? The Z97 chipset mobos are out and you may as well get the latest and greatest.

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