Cooler choices, which one is the best?

Hi, i will be overclocking an i5-4670k @ like 4.5 ghz, so what do u recommend? Only these coolers are available at my place:-
Cm hyper 212
Thermaltake NiC C4
Corsair h100i
Corsair h80i
Cooler master jhing
Thermaltake water 3.0 performer
So what do u recommend? The corsair h100i and h80i are said to be overpriced and take lot of space, so my options are thermaltake c4 and hyper 212 evo, what do u recommend, my room temperature here is maximum 47 degrees and minimum 32 degrees. Please provide a full detailed answer
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  1. I recommend the Corsair h100i
  2. If your options are thermaltake c4 and hyper 212 evo, as you said, imho you should buy a Cm hyper 212 EVO.
    Its a "best buck for your money" textbook case :)
  3. Holy crap your room is hot. 47C!!!
  4. Yeh, its like that but we use air conditioner :-)
  5. I live in the Amazon Forest so I know what your are talking about :)
    My gaming build has a Cm hyper 212 EVO (no air conditioner).
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    If you have no AC water cooling might actually be pointless cause the fans have no cool air to cool the water in the radiator so the performance in temps wont change much. Just get the 212 EVO! The radiator will take on the surrounding temp of the room and that defeats the purpose of cooling. Hope that 212 EVO gets the job done LOL! If you want something much stronger as an air cooler I would recommend the Noctua DH-14 (I think thats what its called) this is assuming it fits in your case LOL!
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