System freeze please help


I just built a new machine
Specs as follows

AMD FX 6300
R9 280X Tri X Vapor X
8GBx1 HyperX
1 TB seagate Baracuda
Gigabyte GA970A mobo
Coolermaster 600W PSU

My problem is when i run heavy games after some time my sytem freezes with no response the only way is to press the reset button on my cpu.

What is happening?
I dont understand please help me i have put a lot of money and time in this machine.
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  1. some silly questions did your apply thermalpaste ,did the cpu sink sits correctly,what temperature say on cpu ,gpu,did your overclocked anything.did you try diferent gpu drivers(install thous came with gpu then upgrade and see then)
  2. Yes there is thermal paste
    No it hasnt been overclocked.

    I have the latest stable drivers from amd trying the new beta drivers.

    Any more help?
    And thank u for the reply!
  3. You might need to change that memory from 1x8Gb to 2x4Gb, 2x4gb is slightly faster since it's dual channel. What's the memory frequency?
  4. The ram is 1866 Mhz
    And btw fifa 14 works fine. Only the heavy games such as Watchdogs and BF4 freeze.
    I dont know what to do.
  5. Can you check the CPU temps?
  6. When all do u need the temps for?

    During game or general use?
  7. The temps at idle (when you get into windows) and under load (while gaming)
  8. Wait for a moment.
  9. Idle 23-45 max.

    Generally in low 30s and high20s

    5 mins into Watchdogs with Ultra and temp around 50 (max)
  10. The temps look good, can you give the precise description of your PSU
  11. Best answer
    System Requirements for SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X R9 280X 3GB
    750 Watt Power Supply is required.
    2X150 Watt 8-pin PCI Express power connector is required.

    So Fifa 14 doesn't force the card as much as the other games, when you play a much demanding game the graphic card drains all the power from your PSU and the pc freeze

    My recommendation is to get one of these PSU EVGA 120-PB-0750-KR or something similar above 750w

    You can consider to change from 1x8Gb to 2x4Gb sticks as well
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