Please help!!!!!Connecting xbox 360 to a monitor

i really need someone help here....i bought a monitor (Acer G226HQL 22" Monitor) that has no built in speakers and i did not realize that it only has 3 outports. The Dvi port (i have a cable for it and it has a HDMI on the other end and i connected it my xbox). The other port is D-SUB which is not in use. And the last one is for powering the monitor.

i want to connect my tritton headset to it so i can play games through my headset, but the problem is that i dont knowhere to put the female green sound jack AND the red and white cable.

i have already put my main cable (for the xbox) in with the HDMi.

So my question is....How and where do i put the last 3 wires so i can start plying my games.

im sooo sorry if this is confusing in any way but im really desperate to get this fixed.

i dont want to buy a speaker or anything else...only additional wires to solve this problem...

Thank you for reading this and if you can help me in any way, i will be so happy. :)
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  1. Your monitor does not have any audio interface, doesn't seem possible.
  2. Look up the monitor... I didnt notice it myself. i regret buying it. It does not have no audio output :(
  3. You can get a headphone adapter that should plug into the xbox controller and give you sound, something like this should work:

    you can also get one of these:

    and follow the instructions on this video:

    Hope this helps :-)
  4. Algis Silkauskas said:

    If you are using an actual 360 controller, there is a headphone plug on the controller itself. If you hold it normally, it will be on the edge facing you. The plug is smaller than a normal headphone jack, so the adapter I linked should plug a normal 3.5mm headphone jack to fit the 2.5mm plug on the controller. That should work.

    The second that I mentioned is an alternative in case plugging into the controller doesn't work. The video I linked should explain what to do with it :-)
  5. if i only buy the "CablesOnline 6 inch Stereo Splitter 3.5mm Female to 2-RCA Audio -Jack Adapter (AV-Y14G)" and plug it in. will i be able to talk to my friends? on xbox live?
  6. do i need to buy this instead

    then plug it into the 2.5mm (Male) To 3.5mm (Female) Stereo Audio Jack Adapter???
  7. and after plug the 2.5 into the controller?
  8. You will not be able to use the mic at all with any of these solutions unfortunately :-/ I'll look into it see if I can come up with something
  9. well as a still have the D-sub port available could i use it?

    plug the red and white wires into this ..... .........and then plug the adapter in the free slot?
  10. That adapter is only for input unfortunately :-/
  11. There really is no way to use the mic on a headset without it being Xbox compatible :-/ you will only be able to hear your games.
  12. if it had a audio input...would it all work properly? i mean...mic and sound?
  13. There is no way to get the mic on your headset to work with your Xbox, not that I can find anyway :-( sorry man.
  14. thank you so much :) im talking in thinking of buying another monitor, with HDMi, with audio and speakers...
  15. Best answer
    Actually just found this which may work

    Didn't even know those existed lol, think I'm gonna order one myself :-) My PC headset is worlds better than my 360 Headset
  16. how would that work???
  17. Algis Silkauskas said:

    Yes exactly, that should work with any headset that has a separate mic and headphone cable :-) Good luck! :-)
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