I need help choosing a USB microphone.

Hello, I want to start a YouTube channel. I'll mainly upload gameplays but I'll do some videos using my camera (with the mic connected to the computer).

I am trying to find a good microphone for both things but I realized I need some help. I have a budget of about 100€, but the cheaper the mic is, the better. These are the mics I have been looking the most.

Samson Go Mic - 29€
Samson Go Mic Direct - 35€
Samson Mteorite USB - 39€
Behringer C1-U - 44€
Samson Meteor - 55€
Blue Snowball - 66€
Samson C01U - 77€
Samson G-Track - 79€
Samson C03U - 99€
Blue Yeti - 111€
Audio Technica AT2020 USB - 115€

Does someone have any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. If you're trying to save money I would probably get the Blue Snowball, if you feel like spending a little more money get the Yeti, AT2020 or RØDE Podcaster.

    The Snowball is good enough for YouTube. I'm not too familiar with the Samsons.
  2. The RØDE Podcaster is way to expensive, it costs 166€ in the store I will be buying. The Audio Technica is definitely one of the ones I have been looking at the most, but it does go above my price range. About the Blue's, I know the have really good quality, but I think they are really really ugly.

    Would you be willing to take a look at the Samsons? Especially the Go Mic, the Meteor and the C01U. The other ones, besides the Behringer C1-U are there just for reference. I would really like to go as cheap as I can, because otherwise, I would need to wait a bit more time in order to gt enough money.
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