What the best cheapest PCiE x16 Graphics card?

I need a PCI gpu, whats the best one for under $70, doesnt need to run games like BF4, just games like Mafia 2 minecraft, nfs pro street and similar games. Doesnt need to be on high settings either. Canadian currency if possible
If it helps my current setup is AMD A8 6500, with 8570D GPU and 6GB 1600MHZ RAM
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  1. Under 70 hmmm with MIB then you can get a 250X
  2. The integrated 8570D is going to be pretty comparable to anything you can pick up new at ~$70. Below ~85 CAD the best you can get is a GT 730, the 8570D is pretty close to the 7560D, its just slightly higher clocked. The 7560D is 2-3 tiers below the GT 730 depending on the model so its not going to be much of an improvement,3107-7.html

    If you want a notable boost i'd suggest saving up a bit til you can get your budget to ~90-100, it gets you to the entry level games cards which are a big boost over the cards like the 730 which are really just meant for multimedia tasks.
  3. So @hunter315 what gpu can i get for 100?
  4. For $104 you can pick up a GTX 750, and for $94 you can pick up an R7 250X, either of them are leaps and bounds better than the 8570D
  5. And those will fit in my pci slot? And play those listed games?
  6. You won't find any other type of graphics card these days. I mean you COULD, but they cost a lot more then your price range because they are legacy equipment.
  7. As your system presently stands it should have zero issues with minecraft and NFS: ProStreet, and should be able to do Mafia 2 on medium without much trouble.

    Are you presently having trouble with the games because you should be able to do decently. An upgrade to a 250X or 750 would easily handle all of those games.
  8. Funny you'd ask hunter315, minecraft and mafia 2 work fine, but nfs pro street; a game a wii could handle, is lagging more than any other game ive tried to play, even at the lowest possible settings and lowest res. (640x800) or what ever it is. Any idea on how to help this. I've used Razor game boost, re installed the game and nothing helps. Game boost stated i had an avg 45 FPS, even at highest settings while lowest a good 125FPS if not more, but ive noticed that the FPS drops, and have taken the game boost off and even tried vsync. any ideas?
    Thanks for your help so far everyone
  9. Ahhhh, then i suspect this is much more of a software problem than a hardware problem!

    From some quick searches it seems that Pro street had issues even when it was relatively new

    Make sure you have the 1.1 patch as people are reporting that fixed some issues, but if it really is just the game not liking some drivers that is going to be rather difficult to fix.
  10. Will windows 8 be the issue?
  11. Also how do i check/download the 1.1 patch
  12. hunter315 said:
    For $104 you can pick up a GTX 750, and for $94 you can pick up an R7 250X, either of them are leaps and bounds better than the 8570D

    Also, if you can, I would try and push for the R7 260X.
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    JLat53 said:
    Also how do i check/download the 1.1 patch

    No clue, i was just condensing what i learned in 5 minutes of googling. Most of the posts i found related to it were from techspot. Google should be able to help you out, and some of those same users may still be on techspot and able to offer advice about what worked for them. I have no experience with NFS Pro Street personally.
  14. Ok thanks
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