Migrating to a new hard drive, but keep programs on the old HDD?

Hey guys

I'm looking to migrate my girlfriends windows install onto an SSD to get better performance, and I can do that no problems - I did it on my own system a few years ago. But of course it's never that simple.

I can't afford to spend out on a 500GB SSD. So the plan is to migrate her Windows install (and some frequently used apps) onto the new solid state drive, leaving her programs and files on to the old hard drive. I want to make the migration as quick and easy as possible, and specifically I want to preserve her existing program files exactly the way they are; no broken links, no reinstalling, nothing.

So... How do I do this?
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  1. Regular files (pictures, documents, movies, etc) can be left on the old HDD no problem, but any applications that needed installation will need to be reinstalled in the new OS for proper functioning.

    As far as I'm aware there's no way around this.
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    Programs put entries in the registry so they must stay on the same drive.
    If you buy a Samsung ssd, they have a free migration clone utility that works with their drives.
    A new version allows you to be selective as to what to move.
    If your windows, programs, apps and such will fit, you are ok. The data files can stay on the old hard drive and the windows and program files can then be deleted from the hard drive.

    Here is a link that describes that capability:
  3. Thanks for the help guys - At least I know what I'm working with now.
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