My gpu gtx 660 and intel core i7 3770 temp

I played bf3 for 2 hours and my gpu temp on 99% usage was maximum 59°C and my cpu temp on 99% was around 64°C. Is this good temp for both gpu and cpu?
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  1. Gpu is pretty good, CPU is a bit warm, but nowhere near hot.
    What cooler are you using on the CPU?

    Overall its good.
  2. I would get a 240mm cooler if you plan to go water cooling. 120mm ones like the first linked tend to not perform well.
    I would recommend the NH-d14 from noctua, if you can fit it. They are a bit cheaper than most high end water coolers and perform nearly identical if not better.
  3. I'm not sure if it can fit. I will stick with water cooling, which one is better corsair or cooler master for water cooling?
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    Corsair tends to make some better products, but they are more expensive (h100i)
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