Xbox One or PS4?

Now, I don't want people coming on here and just saying "Ps4 is betur xbox sux."

I want to know if I should buy a PS4 or a Xbox One.

Also, if you say Xbox One include if I should get the Kinect with it or if it's not worth it. Thanks.
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  1. It really depends on the exclusives you're looking at and controller style preferences and what not.
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    In my opinion they are identical.
    Kinect is only worth it if you play Kinect games. Each console has exclusives, last of us, halo, resistance etc.
    I would say get what your friends play, or which fits your hands best (I like not having my hands in two different positions to use the thumbsticks on xbox.)
    Or get whats cheaper.
  3. For the Price of the Xbox with Kinect You can get a decent gaming PC , Thats what people will advise you to do however if you need good points for why you would want to buy either then I'll hook you up.

    Reasons to Buy X1 : 1) Better Online Experience with Dedicated Servers on almost every game
    2) Cloud ( Read about it I wouldn't bother explaining ) is the future
    3) More Durable and it has a more reliable controller
    4) Better System if you want to carryout multiple tasks not just gaming wise ( watching netflix and series )
    5) If you want motion sensors then the Kinect is better than the PS Eye or what its called

    Reasons to Buy PS4 :
    1) Higher Resolution ( Both of them are scaled to 1080p but the PS4 runs at native 900p in more demanding games while Xbox 1 runs at 792p )
    2) Slightly better Graphics
    3) More players as of now so you won't have problems finding others on most of the games
    4) Better Exclusives (IMO)
    5) More elegant looking than Xbox One
    Only downside to PS4 is its very bad controller's analog.
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