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Hi, I recently purchased 64 gigabytes of Kingston HyperX Fury RAM in an 8x8 configuration, and I was wondering if it will work with my ASUS X79-Deluxe motherboard. The motherboard does support up to 64 gigabytes of memory, however my specific model number is not listed within the motherboard's manual. I was wondering if I could get any help with specifying the exact type of RAM needed to work with this motherboard, or if mine already works as is.

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    I don't think the Fury line even comes in a 64GB set...Biggest I've seen is a 2x8GB at 1866 - so that's not a good idea (plus these don't come w/ a XMP profile according to Kingston, they work off PnP) might get them to work if your're well versed in setting up DRAM manually (timings (base and secondary and possibly here tertiary), voltages (DRAM and VCCSA)....never know....I'd go with a true 64GB set, prob 1600, 1866 or 2133, something like the RipJaws Z sticks from GSkill, think they've got about 8 different sets available
  2. Ahh i see, thanks for your suggestions!
  3. No worries, let us know how it goes ;)
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