how to obtain free windows 7 pro for my laptop?

My fan was overheating for a while, them I broke my laptop screen. Now laptop won't start to windows and all diagnostics failed and hard drive was not found.

I relaxed the fan that has a broken loose cover, replace the heat sink, and also the screen which all seem in working order now. I also took out a few things including hard drive an put it back together exactly as I took it off as per instructions based off a YouTube Video of the same laptop.

Now the Hard Drive Diagnostic test passed, not start up tes and run in test still failed. The boot device is not found and needs an operating system installed.

This is the first tim I took a laptop apart and don't want to do anything wrong. How did my operating system get erased and how can I get a free version to install it back in? Should I install a better newer version without complications?

I went to office max and the manager says toi fix anything even simple as a replacing a cracked screen would start at $300 per the first job. He explained that he always charge that in case there are any shortages or complications, they have to check every single part of the laptop and it's connections to make sure there are no short or mechanical failures as well as they have to do pc hardware and software checks. It sound like alot of bull and I felt as if his was treating me like a piece of $$$ meat. What should I do from here? How much does it really cost?

I am the first and only owner of the laptop. Can I do all this myself for free?
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    You can download it from the internet and put it on a USB Flash Drive and make it as a bootable device.
  2. TopLuca said:
    You can download it from the internet and put it on a USB Flash Drive and make it as a bootable device.

    Could you recommend a safe place to download a free complete permanent version of it that does without harm to my computer? Can I choose any operating system without replacing anything else or does it have to be exact?

    No problem. I appreciate your time to help, really. I just copy hate wasting time downloading wrong things and causing problems to my pc. Last but not least, is there a way to keep my old files or save them onto flash drive before I start this?
  4. There should be a key on the underside of your computer. Use that, and get the matching ISO here.

    We do not condone piracy.
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