Razer Kraken 7.1 Surround Sound USB Headset (I Need Reviews)

First off, let me just say that I really hate my Logitech G930 Wireless Headset. Only after a couple of months with it working perfectly fine and flawless, I have been experiencing many disconnections with this headset. I've installed/updated/uninstalled/re-updated drivers, and nothing works... so I figured I should get a Wired/USB headset that is much more reliable than a wireless one.

I've been reading tons of reviews about this headset and so far it's been pretty solid. However, the majority of them haven't please my expectations or questions in detail, so I figure I might ask you guys about your own review on this headset (if you own one).

Here are some of my questions:

1.) Is the headset comfortable? Explain.

2.) What material are the ear cuffs/pads made of? Are they soft or hard? Explain.

3.) Are they comfortable with plastic frame glasses? Explain.

4.) Sound quality and bass boost? Explain.

5.) Overall opinion.

Thanks guys! I always like to rely on TomsHardWare as my alternative review source, this will really help me from throwing my wireless headset at the wall! :)
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  1. What else do you want?
  2. i7Baby said:
    What else do you want?

    The community's own review here on this website. A mere article made by one person on Tech Hive or CustomPCReview doesn't win the majority of my vote to get this headset. Majority of NewEgg reviews only discuss half of the questions I asked on my post (which I would like to hear AGAIN from people on TomsHardWare). I even check Amazon reviews and questions + answers, but most of them are mixed up with the other models since Amazon is terrible at organizing with customers giving bland answers.

    I'm depending most on the community here at TomsHardWare to determine my decision.
  3. You may be waiting for ever. Good luck.
  4. i7Baby said:
    You may be waiting for ever. Good luck.

    Okay, thanks.
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