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I have a flight simulator device designed during the USB 1.1 era (12mbs) that freezes (inoperative) with my new Win 7 USB 2.0 and 3.0 computer. I understand the new controllers are too fast for the device. The computer has a PCIe-1 and PCIe-4 slot. Are there USB 1.1 cards and adapters available for this computer and will they resolve the issue. Thanks, Rick
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  1. I doubt that's the issue.

    Potentially a driver issue with the flight stick, or it could just be failing
  2. Thanks for your response Alec, however the device is not a flight stick. It's a sophisticated autopilot device containing segmented displays, switches, rotary knobs and IC circuitry, albeit an early design (c2000). It requires a firmware update that is unavailable but functions very well using USB 1.1 controllers and some USB 2.0 controllers, hence my desire for a USB 1.1 fix. Rick
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    Seems like a bizarre issue, I can't imagine 2.0 being "too fast"? The transfer rate on the controller will peak at 1.1, the USB port won't try to communicate faster. It's backwards compatible.

    There's a few options. I'm sure you could find a USB 1.1 PCI card online.
    Another option is find a 1.1 USB HUB and see if that works.

    Although, I'd recommend trying the device in dual boot XP or virtual machine and see if you get similar results.
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