MSI 970A-G43 high "Temperature 2"

So just downloaded the Battlefield 4 Game Time thingy from Origin and I checked some temperatures with the OpenHardwareMonitor.

The problem here is that there is Temperature 1, 2 and 3 from the Motherboard and I don't know what these temps are. If I play a little bit, then the Temperature #2 goes to about 90°C, yesterday it even went up to 95 and I don't think that is normal.

Other temperatures like GPU don't go up more than 75°C and the CPU not really more than 65°C, but this one is worrying me a bit.

My question here is what are these Temperatures 1, 2 and 3 exactly and is #2 too high?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Might be the VRMs and 95 is hot but still ok.
  2. What CPU do you have?

    "CPU not really more than 65°C" That is too hot for an AMD CPU... It should be under 60C.
  3. I have an AMD-FX 6350, normally hovers around 35-40°C when doing something in Windows, but sometimes under heavy load (Battlfield 4) goes near 65°C.
  4. That is too hot, you should consider getting an aftermarket cooler. At that temp the CPU is throttling and affecting your performance.
  5. I already have one, I'm gonna look into the fan profile, maybe it's not optimally adjusted.
    But what about the Temperature 2 now, it doesn't look right, but should be ok according to ohim, then I'm calmed.

    Thanks for the advice that you've already given.
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    The VRM temp is fine, its a little high, but that motherboard is really not on thee recommended list, so its not surprising.
  7. The best program for monitoring temps on an AMD system is AMD's Overdrive.

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