How to install windows 8 into my built computer

Is there a video someone could link me to? Also is there a special disk for windows 8 for a computer with no os?
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  1. Go to the local computer store. Buy the disk. Set your CD drive as the first boot drive.
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    Just a couple questions.

    Does your computer have a CD drive?
    Do you have any friends or family who have a computer you could temporarily use?

    You have a few options for getting Windows on your computer, none of the following require an existing OS, though they may require another computer to create the installation media.

    Getting Windows 8

    1. Buy a Windows (8/8.1) disc. Online is usually the cheapest way to go, as most online retailers sell one for ~$100. However, I've had very good luck getting a much cheaper price on E-Bay, you just have to know what you're looking for.

    2. Buy a product key. You really can only do this through E-Bay, or a similar venue. I don't really recommend this, as sometimes you'll have to deal with buyer protection stuff if someone sends you a fake key. I've tried this method and have had mixed results, but you can't beat the price.

    If you don't have another computer for online access, you'll need to go to a store like Best Buy. You'll usually have to pay $120 for regular Windows 8.

    Installing Windows 8

    1. If you have a disc and a CD drive, just put the disk in and follow the instructions. You may need to go into BIOS and change the boot order so that the CD drive is first. Look for a "Boot Menu" option when your computer is turning on. However, when there is no operating system detected, your computer often will automatically boot from the CD.

    2. (this step requires a separate computer) If you do not have a CD drive, you have to make bootable USB installation media. Basically, you'll need a program to rip the .iso from the disk (Like BurnAware), then use the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool to create bootable media. Here are a couple guides to help you through the process, should you need them.
    Once you have your install media, it's the same process as #1.

    Now, I've had this response form up for a while (I got interrupted) so I don't know if someone's already answered your question. Either way, I hope this helps!
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