making a very positive pressure system

im using my new case which is a cm storm trooper and i getting a 5 fan fan controller but the pre installed fans just arnt cutting it, as i know pretty much nothing about fans apart from size differences i dont understand all this high performance/ high pressure stuff its rlly confused me.
anyway im looking for some new fans for my case my budget is about £150
i also need a some fans that will be good against a rad as my h80i is keeping my 4.9ghz 8 core cool.

plus is it possible to make a postive pressure system that is quiet as currently the preinstalled fans are near to silent but the fans that came with my h80i dont half make a racket.

any more info thats needed ill be happy to give
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  1. So what parts are running too hot? 5 fans will EASILY cool any system in that case. You must have some other issue present.

    What CPU do you have? The H80i isn't the best choice for the money or cooling value.
  2. i have a 8350 and i wanted some fans that have a bigger speed range but are quiet and will give me alot of airflow
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    Honestly, if your parts are overheating with more than 3 fans in that case, you have heatsink/ overclock issues.

    If you want good quiet fans Noctua is the obvious choice.
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