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Recently i bought new rig, components are:
Asrock z87 pro3 MB
r7 265 VGA
intel g3258 cpu
2x4gb kit of kingston ram
1tb toshiba hdd

Built everything up nice and clean however the problem occured after research on internet and on other forums i've came up with solution that i need to update bios for my motherboard in order for it to be compatible with my cpu. Unfortunately i've noone around i can borrow cpu in order to do it. So my question is: Can i somehow update BIOS without cpu? Cause i've heard rumours it is possible not sure how and if all mobo's support it.
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    No sorry you cant, the board will not function without a CPU so you will not be able to get into bios without it.
  2. I know of no way to do it. I suggest you contact Asrock and ask them for suggestions. You might be able to but a cpu cheap on ebay to use for the update. This has been an issue over and over and it suks.
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