Wierd OS problem with a new kaveri build

Hello everyone, im doing a new build for a office based Pc and I'm having some serious issues.


kaveri 7850k-stock

asus mobo

either corsair 1600 or 2400 vengeance ram


I cannot get any OS to boot, I have done a fresh install of W8 on a fresh mechanical Hd and it just freezes and will not finish the install... I have tried to boot the system on a old 840 pro with W7 onlt to have it freeze on either the home screen or the start screen... I have another mech Hd with a working w7 suite on it that it wont even get past the start screen before it restarts over and over and over...

I have tried both vengeance 1600 and 2400 ram of which i know works... the second w7 Hd works fine on my current store PC...

I thought the problem might have been the fact that the w7 hds were set up on intel based systems but the fresh install hd ruled that out?

Any clue or should I just junk this apu and run back to intel...
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  1. Have you tried using different SATA ports or perhaps trying different cables?
  2. Yes and yes
  3. You know when it froze, did you try waiting it out?
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