''display driver has stopped responding and has recovered''

Hello.I have a question i need to ask.

The phrase in the title of the thread appears on the bottom right of my laptop screen moments after the screen goes black for a second and restores or the laptop closes completely.
Also, i get red vertical lines on my screen either after or before windows boots or both.Mostly both before and after.

This coincides with a blue screen that says ''NMI:Parity check/Memory parity error.The system has haulted''

Is this a hardware problem?

Thank you very much!
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  1. Yes it is, this often happen when the gpu is overclocked and cannot support the clock speed you choose
  2. it probably faulty video drivers try update video drivers.if didn't help roll them back to previews version.:)
  3. i would memtest the sodim ram .
  4. i have another question regarding overclocking of the gpu.

    If my laptop has a screen resolution of let's say 1366x768 and i have set my resolution to 1920x1080 does that put pressure on my gpu and overclock it causing problems?
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    do not overpass the max resolution of the screen on the laptop that could be part of the issue and laptop are not realy made for high gaming and overclock made them heat more .
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