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hai .. i've got an antec SMSP ,, with 450 wats .. but im about to buy R9 270X msi graphics card but it has has 500w power input am i able to run in my pc???
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  1. Well it's only a recommendation with regard to power requirement so you MIGHT get away with only having 450W, but there's a reason why 500W is recommended. I'd suggest if funds allow, that you upgrade your power supply when you get you new GPU.
  2. For reference, R9 270X has a TDP of 180W.

    450w psu won't cut it in this case. If it is a good model from a brand like Corsair, Seasonic, XFX, then you should be OK with a 500W supply. Just make sure to not get a PSU with crappy amperage on the +12V rail (ideally it should have at least 35 A on it).
  3. well ididnt get u WHAT is TDP of 180W any way THIS is my SMPS-----
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    Since when is corsair better than Antec? Especially when it comes to power supplies... It's definitely better than a corsair CX for example. You should be just fine with your power supply.

    The average system with that card, should consume quite a bit under 300w at full load.
  5. okay then u say.. i'm able to run R9 270X in good condition right ??? Ytyoussef
  6. Yes, that's what I'm saying. You can check the link for yourself to see how much power they're using.
  7. thanks everybody .. for helping mee .. have a good day ..
  8. You're welcome. And thanks, you too
  9. A word of caution, the minimum recommended power supply is recommended for a reason. If the GPU you buy is factory overclocked it will draw more power. My GPUs are meant to pull 250W each but I've seen them using well over 300W each and sometimes more. The calculated power requirements for my system using the two cards I gave in SLI was around 750W, leaving me with around 110W spare. However under full load I was having issues and as soon as I upgraded to the AX1200i I have now those problems have stopped.

    I'd air in the side of caution and upgrade your PSU along with your graphics card. That's just my opinion though.
  10. What you're saying usually happens with low quality PSUs, that don't really deliver the power they're rated for. (Anyway, I'm not claiming to know what PSU you used.) As for the OP's question, a higher wattage PSU could be used, and would give him more headroom if he'd like that, but his PSU would work well. As you can see in the review, it works just as well at 99.8% capacity.
  11. hi..Ytyoussef can give me the link for power consumtion of R9 280 I just Bought it by skipping R9 270x....
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