Graphics card to pair with i5-4670k in 160$ budget

I already own intel i5-4670k and asus z97-k mobo, and want to pair it with a good GPU.
I put my eye on radeon r7 260x but one question rises. Should I aim at something higher up the ladder to pair with this processor. Will this card be the bottleneck?

Also it is worth noting that I currenly have PSU of only 450W, but I intend to replace it if needed.
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  1. That r7 260x is way too low for that CPU. It can easily handle something like a r9 280x. But if you intend to get that 260x, the 450w PSU will be enough. Just make sure it's a good brand.
  2. Got your point, but your recommendation exceeds my budget quite a bit. I'm open to suggestions and my choice above is nowhere near final. That said I really can't go that much above my budget. Any other recommendations ?
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    If you want a card for $160 go get that R7 260X. Only other choice is NVidia GTX 750, it's a bit cheaper and more power-efficient. But AMD is faster. I suggest the R7.
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