will my cpu bottleneck my new gpu

I will get a new msi r9 280x gaming instead of my old msi r7870 oc version
Will my cpu amd phenom x4 965
Bottleneck the new card a lot
Note that there was no bottlenecking with 7870
My spec is :
Cpu: phenom x4 965
Psu: corasair cx600m
6gb ram
Mobo: asus m4a78lt-m
Hdd: 1tb
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  1. Yes it will even newer fx CPUs bottleneck to a degree depending on the game I'd suggest upgrading when you can to use your GPU 100%. In none cpunintensive games you will be fine
  2. So can you recommend me a good new cpu & mobo. And i need to know if my psu meeting the min requirements for this.. Sorry for bad English
  3. What is your price range and location for a new motherboard and cpu
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    Save your money, there is only a small difference between the HD7870 and R9 280X:,review-32899-7.html The performance increase is not enough to justify the upgrade.
  5. I was already planned to change the motherboard and cpu as a plane B.... I can spend about 300 $ Usd for both .... Only if this upgrade will gain remarkable increase in fps while gaming
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